Trained by ICC and the internet. Ana has had an on and off love affair with baking...Ok, writing in third person is weird. Let's start over!

Hi and welcome to my blog. It has been quite a journey to get here. I have made a lot of moves in the last 17 years! I attended Marquette University and probably tried every single major they had. I failed a lot and partied even more. Finally, my senior year I had to make a decision so I could graduate. I graduated and got that diploma with a BA in English Lit on December 2006. After that I tried so many jobs! Door to door sales, marketing for a piano bar, front desk at a salon, document scanner...so many awful jobs (except the salon, that was such a fun job! And where my love affair with Bumble & Bumble products started LOL)...finally I landed on a job I stayed at for a while. Carmen High School of Science & Technology. That job was the toughest and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. The people, the kids and what we worked so hard for, will stay in my heart forever! But alas, I was young and restless and needed to make a move. As much as I loved my Milwaukee, I was feeling a bit trapped.

In 2010 I packed my bags, applied for a ridiculous loan and moved to NYC to pursue a career in Pastry Arts. I attended what was then known as the French Culinary Institute (now International Culinary Center) in Soho. In 2011 I met Jimmy, graduated school, tried to work in the field and ended up going back to office work. Production kitchens are tough you guys! I am too sensitive for that environment. That is when baking and I had our first break-up. I swore I would never ever again bake.

That office job...WHAT A HORRIBLE JOB! Horrible boss, horrible co-workers. Nope! Had to get out. Actually, was fired before I got out. Biggest blessing ever!

Finally in August of 2013 I started to work at Hoboken Montessori School (HMS). Here is where my passion for baking slowly came back. People found out what I could do and around summer of 2015 I started building Love, Ana. My very own baking business! A business that took me all the way to owning my very own little baking studio in the summer of 2017. All of this while still working at HSM.

Early 2018 I started to to notice that something wasn't quite right. I spent many many nights crying myself to sleep. Many days where I would tell myself that I was stupid and ruining my husband Jim's life. Who did I think I was? Opening a bakery? With what talent? That summer, something clicked and I walked into a therapists office. Thats where my mental health journey started. Where I learned that I had gone through life with very intense anxiety. Something that I always labeled as "I am just over emotional and dramatic". Something I was able to control with alcohol throughout college and my early 20s. Something that I blamed on every circumstance I found myself in. Always the universe against me! Nope! Just my very broken brain, trying to cope without help.

This new mental health journey, mixed with some very serious health issues, drove me to close my business and take a hold a of my life. I found a new job, quit HMS (because although I love the people I worked with, a lot of other aspect of that place did not agree with me) and I started to heal.

A hand surgery, thyroid issues and -44 lbs later. Here we are. Finally able to share what I love. My newly found passion for mental health and the thing that brings me happiness and peace, baking.

I hope that if anything, I can offer a space where you don't feel alone and get to make some pretty tasty and pretty things.

Love, Ana 

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